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1. Respect Everyone
You are expected to respect everyone on our servers. If you disrespect the staff, community regulars, or any other player on the server, you will be banned. Any flaming (insulting) of any type on the server will result in immediate action from an admin. We will not tolerate elitism, insults for an individual's perceived lack of "skill", or the demeaning of new/F2P players.

2. Cheating/Exploiting
Any player caught cheating and/or exploiting will be banned. This includes building under or through maps and sniping through grates on dustbowl. Admins, and only admins will decide who cheats and who does not. The proper course of action would be to record a demo of the user in question, and then post it in the voogru forums for admin review.

3. Auto Balance
Trying to force an auto balance is prohibited. This includes returning to the spectator after joining a team or being auto assigned, or using the retry command in console in hopes of forcing an auto balance.

4. Vote Kicking
The vote kick tool is only to be used legitimately. Any abuse of this tool will result in a ban from the server.
A) Before a user can initiate a vote kick, he/she must have sufficient evidence to prove that a possible offender has violated a rule. This user will later be called upon for proof of the rule infraction, and if he/she is unable to provide it, a ban will implemented for vote abuse.

B) If a vote kick fails, and it is for a valid reason, and you have proof, post it on the forums with their steam id and the offender will be handled accordingly.

5. Bigotry/Racism/Sexism
This type of behavior is not tolerated whatsoever. Anything that even implies a racist/discriminatory/sexist remark or action will result in a permanent ban.

6. Spectating
Do not spectate. The voogru servers have a large load of player traffic, and spectating wastes a slot for another potential player. If you wish to spectate to screenshot/record a demo of a possible cheater/exploiter, you may only do so when an admin isn't online, and only for a brief period time. Only one person may spectate at a time for the purpose of recording demos/screenshotting.

7. Admin Impersonation
Falsely claiming to be a voogru server admin and/or falsely implying one has the ability to enforce rules on voogru servers is not permitted. Players found violating this rule will be banned for an extended period of time.

8. Profanity
Profanity is permitted, but to an extent. Excessive usage of profanity for no reason will be met with administrative action. Profanity in player nicknames, however, is not allowed at all.

9. Microphone Chat
During game play, you may not, under any circumstances, spam voice communication with sound, music or useless chatter, regardless of the status of the game. A ban will promptly follow people who ignore this rule.

10. Text Chat
Do not spam "say" and "say_team" channels with useless text. This includes repeated trade requests/binds. Advertising of websites or other servers is also prohibited.

11. Meleeing
Remember you are not the only one playing on the server. If you are not on a melee map, and someone asks you to stop, or your team isn’t doing so well, please adhere to their requests, or you will be dealt with accordingly.

12. In-Game Custom Sprays
Custom sprays may not contain any vulgar or pornographic images. Individuals found with sprays of this type will be banned indefinitely.

13. Additional Notes
- By placing "voogru" anywhere in your name, the server will automatically ban you (1 day ban).

- If you are a player that has been banned, and wish to be unbanned, you may post an appeal in the "Banned Complaints" forum. Please read the complaints guidelines, prior to making your post.

- If you have been banned, the "It was my brother, sister, mom, dad, grandpa, grandma, girlfriend, boyfriend, dog, cat, mouse, bird, bot, zombie" excuse does not work here. You are responsible for who uses your computer, and more specifically, your STEAM ID..

-The -V- tag is the unofficial tag of the voogru community and anybody may wear it. However, those who wear the tag may not falsely claim to be a donator to the server or forum member if they are not one. If this occurs, that individual will be dealt with accordingly.


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