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Use PayPal To Subscribe!

To subscribe, simply enter your in-game name, and your FULL SteamID below (For example, [U:1:123456]). After the subscription has been processed, your subscription access should take effect instantly on the servers. Please ensure your steam id is correct.

Subscriptions are $12 for the first month and $6.50 a month afterwards.

Subscribers currently have the following benefits on our servers:
1. High priority slots.
2. Connection setinfo lines with fully customizable colors.
3. Immunity to team balancer.
4. Humiliation round immunity.
5. Ability to swap teams with "swapteams" command.
6. Ability to talk to your team mates at all times, even if you're dead (no waiting to respawn to talk).

Note: High priority slots take effect after a map change.
Subscription funds are used to pay for the servers, and purchase upgrades when upgrades are needed.

There is an alternative to subscribing, if you would like to contribute but do not feel like subscribing to our servers, you can recieve a high priority slot by paying $20 or more one time. For details click here.

In-Game Name:
Complete Steam ID (including brackets!):


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